Monday, June 02, 2008

Best Buy Testing E-recycling Program

As much as we enjoy kicking around Best Buy here at Lee Distad's Professional Opinion (although not nearly as much as we enjoy kicking around Circuit City), this is a positive bit of news.

"We want to take the time to learn if we can handle this before we go any further," said Best Buy spokeswoman Kelly Groehler. "We know the need is there and the waste stream is there. We think everyone needs to bear some responsibility for this - consumers, retailers and manufacturers."
As it is, Best Buy's test is believed to be the most extensive free electronics recycling program to be offered by a major retailer so far

What Best Buy understands is that the key to effective recycling is to make it convenient, and no-cost to consumers who are turning in their old electronics.

The small-"L" libertarian in me would prefer to see retailers take ownership of the front end of electronics recycling, rather than local governments. While Alberta Recycling does a credible job of managing the influx of recyclables, I'm not a fan of the "environmental levy" that retailers collect on CE goods for the province, if only because I'm not convinced that the tax thus imposed has any real impact on the fate of the goods in question.

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1 comment:

Charles Farley said...

The cynic in me says that this will be an abundant source of free parts for the Geek Squad to work into customers system...for a charge of course...