Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blockbuster, Netflix Get Cracking On Digital Delivery

All kinds of interesting developments in the Digital Delivery space lately.

For a start, Blockbuster Video is gearing up downloadable video from it's website, as well as further developing the download kiosk concept.

Blockbuster in June will also roll out a new digital download service on using technology from its acquisition of Movielink LLC in August. “Our acquisition of Movielink provided both digital content and a distribution tool,” Keyes told analysts. “We have a new online service in beta testing now and we are planning to make it available to all customers in June. The extensive library of over 9,000 titles gives us one of the largest digital video on demand and day-date electronic sell-through libraries in the marketplace.”

At the same time, their bitter rival NetFlix has rolled up their Roku dowload box.

With the release of the Netflix Player, subscribers need only have a wired or wireless broadband connection to access the entire Instant Viewing catalog through their TV. The full review--with hands-on video--is available at CNET Reviews. But for those who prefer to cut right to the chase, here's the short and sweet version:
We've been playing with the Netflix Player for about two weeks, and--for the most part--we found a lot to like. Setup is simple, and--if you've got a solid broadband connection--picture quality is acceptable and streaming performance was almost entirely lag-free

Baby steps, perhaps, but a good start! On a related note, I'm hearing whispers from the telecom industry that progress is being made on bridging the so-called "last mile" in residential broadband. More on that later.

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