Monday, March 31, 2008

AMX Exec Charged With "Cyber-Crime," Which Really Means "ESPIONAGE!"

This just in from the Department of PR Nightmares:

CE Pro: AMX VP Arrested for Alleged Cybercrime

Sapphire Marketing, a manufacturer’s rep in Paramus, N.J. for Crestron Electronics, alleges that its email system was breached and confidential information was reportedly stolen by an apparently rogue employee of AMX. AMX vice president David Goldenberg was arrested without incident on March 28 and charged with Unlawful Access of a Computer System/Network-3rd Degree, Unlawful Access of Computer Data/Theft of Data-2nd Degree, and Conducting an Illegal Wiretap-3rd Degree

You have to admit, the mugshot camera loves Mr. Goldenberg:

Canadian business watchers will find this case reminiscent of WestJet's own espionage scandal four years ago where a co-founder of the discount airline lost his job for hacking into rival Air Canada's intranet and using private information to gain a competitive edge. Canadians being generally more polite, the WestJet affair settled quietly. By contrast, the prosecutors in the US are really keen to put business people behind bars these days, so if convicted, expect him to see some jail time.

In the meantime, don't hold your breath for AMXto change their slogan from "It's Your World Take Control®" to "Let's Do What Crestron's Doing!®" Milking notoreity works if you're a Hollywood celebrity; for an automation company, not so much.

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Harald Steindl said...

Just for your reference:
I try to follow this event on my GERMAN speaking Blog.

Lee_D said...


Harald Steindl said...

What happened til April? Do you know of any legal action beyond getting him behind bars for some hour and collecting some money before they let him go for the moment? It is very silent....