Tuesday, August 14, 2007

802.11n bringing wireless to home entertainment

Get ready for more wireless-ready consumer electronics products.
According to a report published last week by ABI Research, the popularity of high-speed 802.11n wireless routers and devices will soon spill over to CE products like home theater systems and set-top boxes, outpacing other networking technologies.
"Many consumer electronics vendors see WiFi as the primary way to get network-delivered content to their devices," said ABI research director Michael Wolf. "As consumers increasingly source video content on the internet and look towards multi-room distribution, older WiFi technologies don't have the bandwidth to deliver this content, particularly over longer ranges. 802.11n, in particular 5 GHz solutions using 40 MHz-wide channels, will help alleviate these constraints."
As more PC manufacturers shift to 802.11n there will be a "natural pull-through effect" to entertainment focused CE products. ABI expects to see 216 million 802.11n chipsets in consumer electronic products by 2011.

Woo Hah!

You'd be amazed how many people want High-Definition distributed throughout an existing home to 3 or more video displays where fishing cables through the walls is an uneconomical option. A good example is concrete high rise condos. Being able to do all that wirelessly is like a gift from the gods. Now I'm all a-twitter.

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