Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dell demonstrates excellent customer service, and only needed a little prompting

After the lengthy and sometimes acrimonious thread of comments in the post entitled "Wal-mart to sell Dell computers" I put RichardatDELL together via e-mail with my offline friend who goes by the name Charles Farley. I don't see the value in reprinting the e-mails that I was cc'ed on, but I can summarize:

RichardatDELL was grateful to have Charles Farley's experience of Dell dropping the ball brought to his attention, so that he can work on improving the strength of their service teams.

Charles Farley was grateful to have his voice heard, and feel that he matters as a customer.

Dell jumped to the pump, and because they did not think that they could prevent his hardware problem from recurring, are sending him a brand new computer. Not a refurb, but a new one.

I'm glad that this ended well for everyone. Poor communication leads to distrust hard feelings. Dell was listening, and looking for an opportunity to improve, which we should all do, both as companies and individuals. Most importantly, when faced with a challenge, a sour customer, they stepped up to the bat and made it right. If RichardatDELL is a typical example of the commitment Dell's people are making to change, then their future may be rosy after all.

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