Monday, June 04, 2007

Compusmart closing stores

From their website:

And from an early morning email from one of my inside sources:

Well, whatever else you can say about Dell.... At least they were savvy enough to stay out of Compusmart. Don't know about you but my experiences vending to Compusmart were pretty pathetic. One clueless bunch that thought that they could just jump in to the home theatre game.

I had said earlier (but am too lazy to Google it and re-link right now), that there is going to be a lot of consolidation this year in the retail CE business. This is just the beginning.

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1 comment:

Flatland Pastor said...

As the kids are fond of saying these days.....


I think so many ads like this have run in the last 3 decades, that this will hardly make a dent in the ADD attention span of most consumers. At some point a bunch of them may wake up and ask, "Where did all the A/V stores go?" but for now they will accept the narrowing of their choices the way cattle accept the narrowing of the corral fences as their led to branding - or slaughter.

It's already gotten out of hand in the music biz and I've heard very little grass roots hue and cry.

One of my mentors was often fond of saying, "You get what you are willing to accept."

'Nuff said!

(It's about balance not boredom.)