Saturday, May 12, 2007

Weekend Tidbits

Now's the time for a fast and furious roundup of issues and newslets that caught my attention this week but didn't make the cut for full-blown rants and tirades.

Yahoo!: Warner Bros. cancels advance screenings in push for anti-piracy laws
TORONTO (CP) - Canadian film lovers hoping to catch an early peek at "Ocean's Thirteen" and the upcoming Harry Potter sequel will be out of luck after Warner Bros. cancelled all of its advance screenings and accused Canucks of being at the forefront of the piracy market.
Warner Bros. said roughly 70 per cent of its releases have been pirated in Canada over the last 18 months.

If Hollywood's accounting of how many of their movies get pirated in Canada is anywhere near as accurate as their P&L statements that declare whether or not their films made a profit, then I think we all know how far we can trust their assertions.

The Tyee: Yoga Mogul Has Critics in a Knot
Apparently Lululemon's corporate image is not all chakras and rainbows, as this two year-old magazine article points out:
Child labour can be 'okay'
According to those who attended BALLE BC conference, Wilson told the delegates third world children should be allowed to work in factories because it provides them with much-needed wages. They also say he argued that even in Canada there is a place for 12- and 13-year-old street youths to find work in local factories as an alternative to collecting handouts.

On the heels of widespread interest in Lululemon's upcoming IPO, we may well, as one of my correspondents noted, have already seen the top of the hundred dollar yoga pant market. The Globe and Mail has reported that interest in the IPO rivals that of Tim Horton's IPO last year. However, Tim Horton's target market, hungry fat people, is significantly larger than Lululemon's market for skinny, health conscious, socially aware yogis. While you would have to really work to top Vonage's post-IPO performance (hint, look at the 1-year chart), don't be surprised if LULU plummets like a falcon with an aneyurism shortly after it's debut.* The Most Expensive TVs
LG now sells a version of its $15,000, 71-inch plasma in a solid, 24-karat gold version that goes for $80,000. Not opulent enough? Trade up to the diamond-encrusted 40-inch set from Italian outfit Keymat Industrie, for $130,000.

It's the perfect purchase if you are either a rap star, or concerned that everyone who knows you doesn't already think that you are a complete ass.

Tales of Bill Brasky
This doesn't really fit anywhere here, but it's time that Bill Brasky got his due once more.

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