Monday, May 21, 2007

Some positivity about the Apple iPhone, for a change Music, video phones may ride iPhone wave
Cell phones sporting bigger screens, music, video and Web-surfing capabilities may try to steal some of the spotlight when Apple Inc.’s iPhone debuts next month.
Although few have seen or used the gadget, it could draw consumer attention to other pricier, high-end handsets, executives at the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit said this week.


Regardless of the iPhone’s success, convergent devices are poised to grow in popularity, Sony Ericsson President Miles Flint said.
“The phone is capable of doing many other things,” he said. ”People want to have any content, any time, any where on their device and that is leading to the phone being a mobile Internet gateway entry point. the trend is clear.”

Um, yeah. I think that one or two people have made the point that iPhone, regardless of what it can or can't do, is the leading edge of the next generation of wireless connective devices. Thanks for the validation, MSNBC!

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Anonymous said...

Think how challenging it is going to be for the few of us antiques who find that all we really need on the cell phone is a phone, to find the cellular equivalent of "a plain black phone with a short cord."