Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One more Chrysler comment

...and then I'm calling it a day.

I'm thinking that we're all going to have ringside seats for a matchup that's been hyped up since the days of Plato and Confucious.

The Irresistable Force: Cerberus, a Private Equity company that cares only about the final number at the bottom of the balance sheet once the smoke settles, and not the collateral damage that goes along with it.

The Immovable Object: The United Auto Workers union, who take scorched earth to a new level when it comes to negotiating. The Russians rolled over to both Napolean and Hitler in comparison to the conflict we're going to see once Cerberus starts sharpening it's carving knife and looking hungrily and the union's benefits package.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, and it will be made all the more interesting because among the investors in Cerberus are union (NOT the UAW) pension funds.

Anonymous said...

Will you not even address the potential relationship of function between Cerberus the firm and Cerberus the mythological creature?

Flatland Pastor said...

I think Cerberus should be very afraid because if the UAW (particularly the Canadian chapter) wants to vanquish it as Hercules did the mythological hound of Hades then we have the image of Buzz Hargrove in a loin cloth to look forward to.

Maybe we ALL should be very afraid.

Ringside seats may NOT be such a good idea Lee.