Friday, May 25, 2007

Matsushita and Hitachi collaborate on plasma panels, TWICE wins award for Creepiest Headline of 2007

Oddly enough, the news item doesn't refer to Matsushita and Hitachi agreeing to an open relationship, browsing together, or looking for car keys in a fishbowl, but rather their strategy of consolidiating their logistics for supplying plasma display panels.

Tokyo — Matsushita and Hitachi have reached an agreement to supply each other with key large plasma-display-panel screen sizes, the companies said in a joint statement.
Under the agreement, Matsushita, which markets the Panasonic brand, will supply Hitachi with 103-inch panels starting this year, while Hitachi will sell Matsushita forthcoming 85-inch panels beginning in the next fiscal year.
Hitachi will introduce its first 85-inch panel in mid-2008.

Any prurient thoughts I had were immediately dispelled by the thought of an 85-inch plasma in my basement, which is, frankly, a lot hotter to think about.

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Flatland Pastor said...

OK Lee. I agree that the idea of that much screen hooked up to a righteous source is a film buff's wet dream, but I want to see an article in CE Pro about how you get one of those monsters into your basement without lifting your house off the foundation.

And why don't the ladies in the picture look impressed? Could it be that size isn't everything?

Oh, give me a break! You were thinking it! I just posted it.

Lee_D said...

Pshaw. An 85-inch on the diagonal flat panel would only be about five feet tall. Straight run through my garage, down the stairs and a 15-degree turn into the tv room. Loads of room! Not much there for an article, if you ask me.