Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I hate myself for it, but I will rise to the bait

Yahoo!: Rosie a tough act to follow, but some candidates could bring excitement to 'View'
NEW YORK (AP) - Now that Rosie O'Donnell has exited stage left, "The View" must find someone to fill her seat

If I may make a suggestion:

Train it to attack Donald Trump, and it will be a shoe-in!

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Charles Farley said...

"The View must find someone to fill her seat"

You're just trolling for a fat ass comment aren't you?

Lee_D said...

This only drew my ire because the whole Rosie/The Donald thing is a perfect case study in how it is possible for two sides of a dispute to be wrong.

Many people blithely assume that if one party is obviously wrong, the other party must be right be default. It seems to be how are brains are wired. Good/Bad, Day/Night, Tastes Great/Less Filling. It's our bicameral nature at work.

And yet it isn't true.

It really is possible for two opposing views to be completely full of shit at the same time.

There, that's my rationalization for the day.

Flatland Pastor said...

Someone once observed that a person could probably go for an entire year without sex but not 24 hours without a rationalization. So, was it good for you, too?

I commend your point, Lee. Most of those who observed the Rosie/Trump fight - with the exception of the staff writers at Leno/Letterman/Comedy Central who just went with the flow and enjoyed the free fodder - were stuck in the strange position of wanting to see both sides lose.

But you should know that hippos everywhere were offended by the Rosie reference and PETA will most likely send someone to do something bizarre and completely unrelated on your doorstep in protest.

(If you can.)

Charles Farley said...

If Babba Wawa had any balls, she'd hire Ann Coulter and Henry Rollins to fill out the panel.

That would be entertainment.