Wednesday, May 23, 2007

From the Boo Hoo Department: Sony's Dave Karraker whines about PS3's treatment in the media

Via LazyGamer comes a link to this interview in GamePro with Sony's head of PR Dave Karraker:

GamePro: The Toughest Job in Video Games: Sony PR
I think a lot of this goes back to the proliferation of the Internet, where a very vocal minority can make a lot of noise and potentially alter perceptions of the masses, whether they are accurate or not. A lot of this, naturally, is driven by the media who seem focused on taking swipes at us lately, without taking in the full picture.


A lot of the perceptions are not justified and seem fueled by people who don't have all the facts or have some kind of axe to grind.


Sure, there were some perceptions on PS3 that were justified. For example, we didn't have nearly enough hardware at launch to meet consumer demand. That was difficult for all of us and contributed to a tough climate with press and analysts. That's behind us now, but a bit of that still lingers. Frankly, I have stopped talking to media about the launch and am now really just focused on the games.

So, it's unacceptable when a "vocal minority" alters the perceptions of the masses? Isn't that what advertising is about? So what Dave is saying here is that Sony's PR machine got out-maneuvered by people with no marketing budget.

The media is to blame, of course. They always are.

Translation: "Wah! It's not fair!"

It's only May, but I think that we might have a lock on the winner of Worst Publicist of 2007.

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