Thursday, April 12, 2007

TSX Actively Wooing US Companies To List In Canada

Candian Business Online: Toronto Stock Exchange CEO targeting U.S. companies, no intention to sell

You can read the whole thing, but here's the money shot:

A big part of TSX's strategy is to lure U.S. companies to list on the Canadian exchange, where there are fewer government regulations to comply with. The exchange is promoting its U.S. push with Nesbitt on a speaking tour, with stops in Denver, Houston, Dallas and other cities.
Specifically, TSX is looking to attract small to mid-sized companies to the exchange - a direct threat to markets like the American Stock Exchange that specialize in smaller names.

Translation: "Hey guys, it's the Wild West up here! We're sick of being seen as the stodgy, boring Canadian exchange. We want some of the wild and wooly action that the AMEX down south, and both the Vancouver Stock Exchange and Alberta's VENCAP are famous for. Never mind blue chip, we want some of that Pump-a-Chump trading!"

Okay, once I take off my tinfoil hat, I actually do think this is a great idea. Just as London is seeing more and more US companies listing there, thanks to the strangling apron strings of Sarbannes Oxley, so too can the Great White North benefit from the boost our Capital Markets would get from listing US companies on the TSX. I'm generally in favor of anyting that means bigger bags of money floating around in our economy.

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