Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This Week's CE Pro Article: Design Considerations for iPod Integration

CE Pro: Design Considerations for iPod Integration

I'm no iPod lover, but they are out there, so sometimes you have to work with what you've got.

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Nick Carter said...

NetSync for iTunes
The role of music servers has certainly shifted because of the iPod. ReQuest has integrated iTunes/ iPod support in a way that best fits the needs of the high-end market. With NetSync for iTunes, a ReQuest server acts as the library for iTunes, syncing music and playlists across both platforms. ReQuest also supports Dual Encoding, allowing integrators to offer CD quality WAV playback through the ReQuest server, while syncing via MP3 with iTunes for maximum portability. iPods are awesome portable devices, but with limited capacity and a $20 audio circuit, not best suited for high end systems. The perfect solution is ReQuest for the home system, synced with iTunes for portability. Check out http://request.com/products/netsyncforitunes.asp for more details.
Nick Carter
MetaRip - Professional CD Loading for ReQuest Servers.