Saturday, April 28, 2007

Online Reading: The Epicurean Dealmaker

The Epicurean Dealmaker: Tremendously clever blog. Especially this post about the blogosphere:

Dance, Monkeys, Dance
But, upon calmer reflection, I realize that blogs are the exact analogue of spam. Just as those rare and precious jewels by authors such as Messrs. Debug and Mockingbird float in a veritable sea of tacky and useless e-mails selling Viagra and teaser rates, so too do a few beacons of intelligent, reasoned thought and lucid prose stand out from the millions of blogs in futile search of a reason to exist.I guess it should not surprise me that this is so. After all, after careful research I have come to the conclusion that the entire internet is a very clever social experiment jointly initiated and funded by the Department of Psychology and the Department of Literary Theory at Harvard University to test, once and for all, the validity of the Infinite Monkey Theorem. You know: the theory that postulates that if you put enough monkeys and enough typewriters in a room—and you give them enough time—eventually they will produce the entire corpus of William Shakespeare. The way we are going, and the speed at which new blogs sprout into existence every day, leads me to believe we are not far from having a definitive answer.

Of course, this resonantes with me because, as many know, I like monkeys.

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The Epicurean Dealmaker said...

Thanks, Lee. I'm blushing.