Monday, April 30, 2007

Bonus Feature: Search Terms For April

Like most people, my favorite subject is myself. I had so much fun last month interpreting the search terms that people used to find this blog, that I decided to make it a regular feature.

Even with an early lead, searches for Solengo Capital fell off, allowing "Lee Distad" to be the top search term, beating the energy traders by 21%. People coming to this blog know what they want, and it appears to be me.

Ironically, former Dealbreaker Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Spiers beat Solengo Capital by being searched for 7% more than them.

Despite (or perhaps because of) being a pack of lies, the fake poodle story was the sixth most popular search item this month.

Either the disgruntled ex-Forzani employee is still trying to build his case, or there's more than one of them, using terms like:

forzani group court cases
john forzani wealth

...he (or they) can always form a support group with the people who were using these terms:

circuit city sucks
associate dismissal from hbc
zellers calgary store manager given severance pay
performance management hbc

This one I take personally, although I choose to wear it as a badge of pride:

"gatherer of useless facts"

Winner of the "I Learned Something New Today" award (I didn't know Calgary had a vole problem!):

vole exterminators calgary

The "I Think You're Gonna Be Disapointed With This Website" award:

candian[sic] sexy girl

The "Oh God, Now I'm Going To Get More E-Mails From The Tinfoil Hat Brigade" award:

illuminati sam zell

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