Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kaleidescape 1, DVD CCA 0

As you know, Kaleidescape and the DVD CCA squared off in court this week. At issue was the right of end users to copy DVD's that they own onto their video server for their own use.

Fantastic news, as CE Pro reports:

Kaleidescape Prevails in DVD Ripping Case
Manufacturers, dealers, and champions of digital rights everywhere can rejoice: Video server maker Kaleidescape has beaten the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA).
The DVD CCA, which licenses the Content Scramble System (CSS) for protecting DVDs, had claimed that Kaleidescape breached a contract when it created products that enable (indeed encourage) individuals to copy protected DVDs onto hard-drive servers.
Kaleidescape argued, first and foremost, that nothing in the DVD CCA licensing agreement prohibits the development of products that allow users to copy their DVDs. (For the full background, see "
Copy Protection Group Sues Kaleidescape.")
Indeed, that's exactly what Judge Leslie C. Nichols ruled today in the non-jury trial at the Downtown Superior Court of Santa Clara in San Jose, Calif.: There was no breach of contract.
As Kaleidescape CEO Michael Malcolm explains, "The DVD CCA went on a fishing expedition for three years, trying to find a breach." In the end, he says, Judge Nichols agreed that "nothing in the agreement prevents you from making copies of DVDs. Nothing requires that a DVD be present during playback."

This is a major victory for the rights of end users to view and listen to the content that they bought and paid for in any way that they wish.

As a Kaleidescape dealer, we are immensely pleased with this outcome!

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