Thursday, February 01, 2007

Official Response from Monster

Here's an official statement in response to my earlier editorial about Monster's future and direction:

Hello Lee,

I had a very busy Christmas season but all is well. I hope you had a great Holiday Season as well. I appreciate your point of view and your candid comments (from someone that knows what they are talking about). Although the competition continues to grow and improve, Monster is still as strong as ever and we continue to grow market share in both Cable and Power in North America and the rest of the world market. Global sourcing continues to plague the CE industry but Monster is certainly aware of the challenges and is ready to tackle these challenges head on.

Monster has indeed expanded their product line to include products such as Playstation 3 and Xbox cables, Apple iPod accessories, MDesign furniture, THX Speakers, Handheld Contollers and Lighting and we will soon be releasing another flagship product EINSTEIN which will allow plug and play wireless home automation from anywhere. Monster also continues to grow in areas like CI, ProMI and Performance Car.

Monster has been the leader in Cable and Power technology for 28 years and we are continually improving our product and technology to provide our Dealers and Consumers with the best and easiest to sell products in the industry. Keep up the great work Lee and we will talk to you soon. I hope to be coming up to Edmonton in early March and visit everyone there.

Monsterous Regards,
Richard Webber
Canadian Regional Manager

I'm grateful to Richard for taking the time to articulate Monster's position and their vision.

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