Monday, February 12, 2007

Back again

Was sidelined last week with the flu. As a result, I had to content myself with expelling bile in the traditional way, rather than printing it on my blog.

Here's some highlights from what I missed last week:

TWICE: Circuit City Restructures Amid Flat Panel Profit Woes
Circuit City got fleeced so badly by the Christmas pricing bloodbath that they've shaken up their management team, and are consolidating their stores, which is code for jettisoning loser locations that they probably would have axed eventually anyway.

TWICE: Traditional PDAs Down, BlackBerry Sales Up
In my opinion, the PDA category died when the Blackberry and units like the Palm Treo arrived four years ago, this is just the body cooling off.

CE Pro: Apple's Steve Jobs calls for and end to Digital Rights Management, RIAA tells him to mind his own knitting
I'll link to it later, but last week I read a great essay from a technologist who described DRM as "the world's longest suicide note."'s Mark Gilbert reworks the "you have two cows" joke to poke fun at the finance world reported on

Currency Market
You have two cows. China has 1 trillion cows. Guess who sets the price of milk?

Bond Market
You have two cows. One is Brazilian, one is Australian. They yield 25 quarts of milk per day. That's half as much as three years ago, when you traded your less-lactiferous German and U.S. cows for them. You are thinking of swapping for a pair of Namibian cows. They only have three legs but, hey, they produce 26 quarts per day.

Pension-Fund Management
You have two cows. How boring is that? You pay a month's supply of milk to a consultant, who advises you to sell one cow and buy two aardvarks instead. The aardvarks die. The consultant charges you four months of your (now reduced) milk supply and advises you to sell half of your remaining cow and buy a wombat. The wombat dies. The consultant charges eight months of milk for a copy of his new report, ``Two-Cow Strategies for Alleviating the Impending Pensions Crisis.''

And below is the funniest video on YouTube last week:

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