Tuesday, January 23, 2007

American gas station selling "Terror-Free" gasoline

Reported on Dealbreaker.com's Opening Bell

Gas Station To Offer 'Terror-Free' Oil (Newsnet5.com)
For the economics impaired, you now have a way to fill up your SUV sans-guilt. There's an increasing trend of gas stations offering 'terror-free' fill ups -- basically, gasoline that was imported from a country that's not a sponsor of terror. As some are noting, this sounds a little bit like eco-labeling, such as the practice of putting "dolphin-free" on a can of Tuna. Actually, it's much stupider, since most oil producing states don't care who they sell to. So if you buy good ol' Texas gasoline, then Iran will just sell somewhere else -- and if you bid the price of Texas gas higher, then ultimately it will push the price of Persian gas up as well.

As I said in Dealbreaker's comments section, the really entertaining ironic thing about gas stations promoting "Terror-Free" gas is that Canada is the largest foreign supplier of oil to the USA, ahead of Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

Report from the US Department of Energy

And contrary to the gas station's marketing: Homeland Security bluster points to Canada as "soft on terror" and as a haven of terror cells and sinister illegal immigrants sneaking across the border to do evil.

Really, you can't make this up!

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