Thursday, November 16, 2006

DealBreaker unveils their Deal Lingo Lexicon

DealBreaker: Deal Lingo Lexicon

In case you ever get caught napping in a meeting, and the Senior Vice President of Sophistry and Circumlocution asks you to suggest some lateral action items to leverage your core resources towards stemming the negative growth, here's a one-stop-shop for catch-phrases and jargon to make you sound like corner-office material, if you're not already there.

Some of my favorites:

"chasing our tail"--looking at deals but getting none of them closed
"looking under a lot of rocks"--looking for deals in strange places
"keeping your powder dry"---saving capital to deploy via better opportunities
"running parallel" a disguised way of saying we are whoring it out to everyone and let the lowest/highest bidder win
"carry it across the goal line"--close a deal
"stick a fork in that puppy"--kill the deal

And whoever wrote this one, which is way too long to quote, and way too perfect to abridge, needs to be made partner at his firm immediately. If he's already a partner, he needs a bigger bonus.

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