Monday, November 20, 2006

Jeff Matthews never makes anything up

Great early morning post on the Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up blog about the current economic trend.

Responding to a forecast that posits slow, steady economic growth, followed by another surge in 2007, and accompanied by lower inflation than initially predicted, he makes three points:

Consumer spending ticked upwards as a result of gas prices falling unexpectedly, driving the market up in the short term.

He doesn't expect the party to last, as the cost of commodities and services continues to rise.

Regardless of what the American Economy does or does not do, the Global Economy will continue in high gear, driven by strong growth in Asia.

Sometimes I feel like a cat trying to learn chess as I work on coming to grips with Economics. But before you can swim, you have to get in the pool, even if you end up thrashing around a bit.

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1 comment:

Flatland Pastor said...

Memo: To The US of A
From: The Rest of Us

Subject: Your Economic Navel

It's not all about you. And inside a decade or two not much that is significant in the global economy may be about you.

"Arrr. Opportunity sez ye? Change in the wind sez I. Take all ye can! Give nothin' back!" - quote from "Ninja Pirate Bankers of the South China Sea" - comming soon to an economy near you!